Accounts Payable / Receivable

MySource AP/AR outsourcing

Processing payments for invoices owing to you may be a crucial portion of any flourishing trade, be that as it may, finding the time to acknowledge these installments among your customary day-to-day duties is now and then troublesome. Enlisting an In-house account receivable master can be costly and appointing the errand to your customary bookkeeper takes them to absent from their center duties, diminishing your organization’s efficiency. 

Accounts receivable outsourcing is a culminate solution. Accounts receivable outsourcing within the Phillippines permits you to contact a staff part who is dedicated to your trade and its special needs without the got to set up an additional work area in your office space! After you contract through MySource, you’re getting a group part who works the same as an in-house staff part would, they can be in touch as frequently as you like and you’re ensured they are as it was working on the assignments you allot them. Because receivables outsourcing is adaptable it permits you to gather them on time

What they do:

  • Invoice Validations
  • Collection Calls
  • Reconciliation
  • Bookkeeping / Accounting

So, should companies invest further in ramping up the AP/AR processes? Or outsource it to an experienced vendor? The former can add to the cost burden with no guarantee in absolute terms that it will improve operational efficiency. On the other hand, according to an online survey, companies that outsourced AP and AR were able to process transactions approximately 59% faster than the ones who did not. Outsourcing can help turn this cost burden into advantage and here we have listed three key benefits that businesses can derive through outsourcing.