Benefits of Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Benefits of Video Marketing Video marketing is nothing new; indeed, 2016 has been called the year of video by some, and videos have been around for quite a while. However, availability is relatively new for more than just large companies. Everyone, from individual influencers to large corporations, peppers the Internet with clips promoting products, services, …

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Understanding Risk Management

Risk Management

Understanding Risk Management The ITIL Risk Management process helps companies identify, evaluate, and prioritize potential business risks. Risk is defined as a list of possible events that could cause loss or damage or impair the ability to achieve a goal. The risk matrix is a collection of categories that define the probability of a risk. …

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Small Business Trends in 2020

Small Business Trends

Small Business Trend in 2020 Entrepreneurs cannot afford to act out of intuition, and the more they do, the greater the risk of failure and failure. Fortunately, there is consumer data that can help uncover trends and insights to make struggling companies more successful. Companies that want to survive the turn of the millennium should …

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