Ivan Dwight Francisco

Ivan Dwight Francisco | Ops Manager | MySource Solutions

Ivan brings over 11 years of experience within the BPO industry. Ivan started as a technical support representative for one of the biggest TELCO companies in the US. He got promoted to a team leader position after 5 years with the same company. Two years later, he joined one of Accenture’s health care account as a supervisor.

During those years at Accenture, he handled 47 associates with 3 LOBs. Ivan proved to be an effective leader and due to good performance, he was then promoted to a senior supervisor role. In this role, he manages 2 supervisors and 4 junior team leads with about 170 associates while also managing client expectations.

Ivan and his family moved to New Zealand for about 4 and a half years. He worked at a freezing company before he and his family decided to go back to the Philippines. He is now currently connected at MySoruce with the role of Operations Manager.


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