On-Page SEO 2021: Future of On-Page SEO Tactics, and How to Stay Ahead of the Game

Best SEO Tips

As Google continues to improve its algorithms, the need for a well-optimized, search-friendly website becomes more and more important. If you have a website, you know how difficult it can be to optimize it for search engines while also maintaining an aesthetically pleasing layout. But don’t worry — we’re here to help.

What are the top on-page SEO tactics to use in 2021?

Looking back, there were a few different steps I wish I knew before I started working with my company’s SEO team. But now I have the perfect answer when it comes to them. From the most basic things such as ensuring a website’s SSL status, to more complex things such as determining the SEO best practices, these tips are top-of-mind for every business owner.

Keyword strategy never gets old. It’s always challenging to decide which keywords are worth paying attention to — and how. But with top-of-mind keyword research and optimization as part of every SEO team’s job, creating effective and optimized keyword campaigns can prove to be a game-changer.

When researching keywords online for a new or existing business, the “SEO” term is thrown around a lot. So how does before and after SEO work together to make a difference?

It all starts with a focus keyword (a key term in search engine optimization) that your customers find irresistible. By including it in your make or break the page, you’re guaranteeing your customers will be clicking on it a million times just to get to the “alien drop” page.
But there’s more to the back-and-forth between the search engine and your website. Along with on-page SEO, the content of your website needs to work incredibly hard to be ranked in Google. And luckily for us, that’s something we can focus on.

Optimizing your website’s content helps it to stand out in an algorithm that’s enamored with images and videos. So think about what you would want your audience to see when you walk through your door — and rewrite parts of your website’s description and content in a way that makes that your focus keyword.

Making your content more shareable

Social media is all about sharing information with your friends and family. You’re sharing your thoughts, your photos, your videos, and the things that you love. That’s why your content has to be shareable. If your content isn’t shareable, then it’s not social media content. Without sharing your content, your business can languish in the digital dark ages. So how can you make sure that your on-page SEO is top-notch? The single best thing you can do to improve your SEO is to share your content on as many social channels as possible.
The way you can do this is by creating a commenting system underneath your blog or website. It doesn’t have to be a fancy blogging component, but something that you can focus on can help.

Commenting systems are general-purpose places where people can leave comments, respond to your content, or contact the company.

You’ve likely heard about Reddit and Twitter commenting systems, but have you heard about Facebook comments and comments on Google Images or Twitter threads, specifically?

If you haven’t heard about these systems, it’s simply because these posts are not as common as they used to be due to the growing amount of platforms available. Yet, these commenting systems still play an important role in improving your rankings.

If your posts can attract a large enough amount of comments, then those will show up alongside your other posts on major search engines like Google.

For example, the comment system can provide an easy-to-find answer to frequently asked questions and help answer discussion topics virtually. Without content with a large enough amount of comments, your post could be too buried in the organic content algorithm — and it could be a long time before anyone sees that your post has been posted.

Several companies will create their commenting systems specifically for their posts, so it doesn’t have to be a recommended component from us.

The most important part of SEO is what you DON'T do!

The main thing to remember when you’re doing SEO is that there’s a fine line between doing too little and doing too much. If you’re doing too little, you’re not going to get the best results, but if you’re doing too much, you can hurt your site’s performance. It all comes down to your page UX. If it takes Google too long to find all of the relevant information on your page, they’re going to leave, and you’re not going to rank any higher. On the flip side, if you make your page too easy to find, then you’re also going to lose out on traffic — you need a balance that ensures Google will have the time to crawl your content, but still finds the information they’re looking for.

The first thing we want to cover is the primary keywords you should be targeting. We didn’t cover secondary keywords, or on-page opportunities too deeply in this post, as these are often covered by in-house SEOs, and we wanted to keep it simple. 

When we set out to create this checklist, we asked ourselves the following questions:

What do our competitors rank for? What are the best keywords? What not to do?. SEO best practices

But what we’ve realized through our research is this: You shouldn’t be doing everything yourself. It’s better to check with the experts.

You can find a great checklist by Clicking Here

How to get social media shares for your content

Social media shares are a great way to get new eyes on your content. There are a few ways to get people to share your content on social media:

Social media is an excellent SEO tool. It can compel people to share your content by keeping them engaged with it. So how do you get more social media shares and visibility?

See if your competitors post similar content to yours. If you’ve got another service that serves similar needs, you can set up a Twitter thread around it and create buzz behind it. It also helps to post the same topic or chunk of content across Google search, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube multiple times, so the algorithms consider it a group of content with a common theme. ‘Fleets’ are another way of getting more social shares on your content.

You can set up a Facebook or Instagram post with a snippet of your content. This will help it to show up higher in the search results and serve as a hub for linking to and sharing your other content.

Businesses tend to wing it when it comes to SEO. With over 50% of small businesses using the platform, it takes a bit of trial and error to get the hang of it.

But if you stick at it long enough, you will become a well-oiled machine, creating as much of the content for your business to be ranked highly for as many keywords as possible.

So how do you use SEO best practices like opting for featured snippets and Twitter threads to get the most out of your social media efforts?

Optimizing the title tag is a great way to enhance your SEO and ensure it’s the first result on Google or other relevant search engines, while also reducing the number of times you need to type the term.


SEO is pretty tough to master, but I hope this article helps get you going in the right direction. Ensuring that you properly optimize your website will have a huge impact on your search rankings, so take it seriously and put in the effort… Its worth it! 

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