Social Media Trends 2021 – How Will Your Company Shape Up In The New Market Place?

Social Media Trends 2020 - How Will Your Company Shape Up In The New Market Place?


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As the coordinator for a social media marketing company, I’m often asked if the current popular topics of business trends in social media will impact my clients in the next two to four years. Will the current popular topics of business trends in social media impact your clients in the next two to four years? 

The truth is that while there is no one single topic that will impact your clients and your products at the most, there are several topics that do tend to be more popular than others. These topics tend to be on the more “go getters” list as they tend to generate a lot of buzz and attention. Here is a look at what some of these more popular topics in social media marketing tend to be.

Health Care: This seems like such a simple issue but it can be one that presents unique challenges to businesses dealing in health care. How will clients find out more about new programs? What is the best way to get more clients to your health care website? And are there ways that you can take advantage of this trend to get more business out of your current clients? 

All of these are great questions and some great answers that you will want to pay close attention to in the coming year and years as these hot topics will continue to shape the health care landscape for clients.

Technology: A lot has been made recently about artificial intelligence and its potential to impact our business in various industries including social media. Will this impact your business? What does this mean for your company? And what are some of the ways that you can use technology to grow your business?

Money: Is the current trend toward social connectivity creating an economic advantage for your business? What should your strategy be? Is the business environment changing quickly enough for you to adapt your business model to it? What changes should you be making now to stay ahead of the curve?

Media: As the trends from Social Media move forward, will your business be better served by more traditional media strategies such as advertising? Should you be moving more towards online media promotions? Or will the increased interest in social media among clients help your business? And how do you plan on meeting the changing needs of your clients?

Client: What do you need to do now to respond to the interests of your clients now and in the future? How can you leverage the trends from Social Media to do this? What types of events and offerings should you be planning to keep abreast of to ensure that your business is positioned to take advantage of the new media landscape? 

Do some client research to see what your target market is interested in. And most importantly, what types of events and offerings can you offer to increase awareness of your business now and in the future.

Business Development: What types of events and offerings do you think will help you grow your business in the future? What types of engagements can you hold to generate interest and new client interest? How can you leverage trends in social media to accomplish this? And how do you plan to meet the emerging needs of your clients?

Marketing: Will you be using social media in the marketing process? Will you be incorporating it into the overall marketing mix of your business? What are the benefits for your clients in doing so? As, well as will there be any added costs to the marketing campaign?

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