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The world is a rapidly changing place. It’s a time of unprecedented innovation and creativity, but also a time when the pace of change can be overwhelming. If your company is like most, you’re probably feeling a little out-of-touch with what’s happening in artificial intelligence (AI) right now. You may have heard about an AI writer before, but are unsure which to choose for your business needs? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best AI writers on the market today.

What is AI?

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Artificial Intelligence is a technology that demonstrates intelligent behavior by machines with the help of complex algorithms and systems. This allows a computer to perform tasks that are usually done by humans, such as blog writing, decision-making, or language translation.

AI has made a great impact on modern business through automation. Some examples include chatbots in customer support or virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana.

AI is a very broad topic, with a wide variety of algorithms for different tasks. This article will focus on the practical applications of AI in a business environment. When starting a new project it’s important to have a general understanding of which elements can help your company grow, such as:

– Automation (content writer, decision-making, data analysis)

– Personalization (segmentation of customers)

– Virtual assistants (virtual reality, virtual agents).

Why use an AI content generator for writing content?

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You may think about using an AI writer or application for writing content might seem risky, but a lot of companies are making a shift in how they operate and find a plethora of uses for AI.

Many AI’s use NLP (Natural Language Processing) to look at a block of text and identify the correct structure. This means that a machine can read a sentence word by word, understand its meaning, break it down into key concepts, and return a finished piece of writing in your voice with no effort from you!

Another great point is that an AI writer is using machine learning to improve their capabilities. This means that the machine is constantly learning, so it gets better over time without any additional input from you!

If your business is looking to automate article writing or produce more engaging material for clients, an AI platform might be just what you need.

Artificial Intelligence can provide huge benefits to companies in terms of automation and machine learning.

There are a wide variety of machine learning platforms available for businesses to utilize, each with its benefits and use cases.

Most AI’s use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to look at blocks of text and identify the correct structure. This means that machines can read sentences word by word, understand the meaning, break it down into key concepts, and return finished pieces of writing in your voice with no effort from you.

Write articles and blogs Faster!

With AI content writers like Jarvis or Article Forge, you can write faster, be more consistent, and increase your overall output by working smarter instead of harder.

With AI you can generate articles 5x faster than a human.

There are a variety of machine learning platforms available for businesses to utilize, each with its benefits and uses cases that can help you automate content production or produce more engaging material.

If your business is looking to automate article writing or produce more engaging material for clients, an AI platform might be just what you need!

The best part is that these tools are getting better all the time with machine learning algorithms. The machines learn as they go so you don’t have to do any additional training or input!

There’s no need for writers anymore who just want to focus on creating engaging, conversational content.

Write high quality content

With an AI platform, you can write quality content and content that ranks well on the search engines.

You can also scale your content and create more of it. You don’t have to hire another writer or spend another hour writing the blog post yourself.

The ai writer is great if you are getting started with blogs, want to start a business around blogging, or just need help finding new topics for your existing blog posts.

Another benefit is that you can save time by using an ai writer. You’ll no longer spend time researching topics, looking for images to use in the post, or worrying about formatting your content correctly.

You will also be able to write better content if you let a machine do it for you. A machine is great at writing readable text and getting rid of any mistakes.

Don’t you want to spend more time on your business and less time writing blog posts? With an ai writer, this is possible!

Write better SEO optimized content

With the ability to add keywords and guiding the AI you can optimize your content to rank better online.

You can follow the purpose of your site and what you want to accomplish with it.

The AI will write for search engines but also keep in mind that writing needs to be human-readable too.

It is not about using keywords everywhere, it is about keeping them where they make sense and are needed. You don’t want to use them too much because it will make writing less natural.

The AI can also keep track of what other content is ranking well and use the same topics on your own site to get more organic traffic or outrank competitors for certain terms that you want.

AI writers are better than similar apps because they learn from previous work while others don’t.

Unique and readable content

Most people when they are considering ai content generator one of their main concerns is if that content produced is unique and readable content. What they don’t want is to have a machine spit out content that looks like it was written by a robot. They want their website or blog to be filled with quality content and not something that sounds very mechanical.

With machine learning and NLP, it’s much easier to get unique content. With the help of deep learning and natural language processing, you can get a machine to take in all kinds of information about your business, industry, audience preferences, and more so that it knows exactly what kind of content is going to be most useful for them and best received by them.

AI Content Writer: An AI or Artificial Intelligence software program takes in information about what you want to have written, your industry, and more so that it can produce unique and readable content.

Our top pick for automated article writing software

I wanted to put together a list of awesome ai user-friendly content generator and a great way to get started with machine learning. Artificial intelligence is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days, but we wanted to share a few of our favorite AI platforms for article writing and use cases.

Jarvis - AI copywriting assistant

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Jarvis is one of the best ai content writers I have found so far. Jarvis ai platform allows you to automate your writing process and increase productivity. Jarvis is an artificial intelligence writer that helps businesses produce better copy for marketing, SEO, or customer help content.

Jarvis uses AI technology to learn from existing articles, optimize headlines and generate new ideas for articles by scraping the web with its custom algorithm.

Jarvis can even help you find trending topics to write about. Jarvis is cloud-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Jarvis ai platform saves you time and money by using automation technology instead of hiring an entire department or team for content creation.

I have used Article Forge, Copysmith and several other ai writing applications but Jarvis ai is my favorite. Jarvis has an easy-to-use interface, great results and it’s reasonably priced compared to other similar services I have tried in the past. Jarvis offers customizable plans for any budget or business size so you can get started with artificial intelligence today!

-> Pricing starts at $29 per month (has a free trial)

Visit there website

Article Forge

Article Forge is another one of our top picks for writer applications. ArticleForge is a writing platform powered by artificial intelligence that allows you to create unique content for your website, blog, or any other article. Article Forge is one of the article writing services that use its own artificial intelligence-based algorithm to learn your style and preferences so you don’t have to worry about a writer plagiarizing or stealing content.

ArticleForge learns from existing articles on your site, scrapes trending topics from across the web, and offers suggestions for new ideas based on what it has already learned.

-> Pricing starts at $57 per month (has a 5-day free trial)

Visit there website


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While Grammarly isn’t technically an IA writer is it an AI that helps with grammar and plagiarism checker.

Grammarly is an automated proofreading and plagiarism checking software used by millions of people around the world to make their writing better. Grammarly provides grammar, punctuation, and spelling checks that allow users to write mistake-free on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or any app you use on your phone or tablet.

Grammarly is an artificial intelligence software that improves your writing by comparing it to over eight billion published content. Grammarly uses machine learning so you can focus on being unique and creative while Grammarly takes care of the rest.

-> Pricing starts at $29 per month (30-day free trial)

Visit there website


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This is another solid option for an ai text generator. Copysmith is an online application that uses artificial intelligence to automatically rewrite articles for you.

Copysmith can save you hundreds of hours by rewriting content quickly and easily, saving my business money in the process.

-> Pricing starts at $19 per month (takes less than 60 seconds to sign up)

Visit there website


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Writesonic is an AI-powered copywriting tool that allows you to write better content.

Writesonic is a smart AI-powered copywriting tool that uses natural language understanding and machine learning technologies to help marketers produce more engaging web content. It can save writers time by generating thousands of different variations on the same topic, each with its headline and supporting sentences.

The idea behind Writesonic is that by using natural language understanding and machine learning technologies, the tool will be able to produce more engaging content.

-> Price starts at $13.05 per month (has a free trial)

Visit there website


Rytr is a writing assistant powered by artificial intelligence that can help you with your content needs. Rytr offers a suite of tools to write better blog posts, emails, and social media updates at scale without hiring another person or team for the job.

With Rytr you can create blogs, emails, social media ads, and much more in minutes. Rytr combines artificial intelligence with human writers to create high quality, engaging content that turns leads into customers.

-> Price starts at $29 per month

Visit there website


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This is another one of the AI that is not actually an ai article generator it is a powerful tool for optimizing your content.

SurferSEO is a powerful web crawler that indexes content from the internet, extracts valuable insights, and analyzes them to provide you with actionable advice. It’s an all-in-one SEO software that will help you improve your site rankings by providing deep data on keywords, backlinks, social signals, SERP features, and many more.

One of the cool things I like about it is that once you have your main keyword added it will give you suggestions of related keywords to add and how many times they should be used. The keyword tool and suggestions are very helpful and made content creation easy.

Key Features

Keyword Tool

  • Related Keywords
  • Analyzing Content
  • Social Signals
  • Content Planner
  • SERP Analyzer

-> Pricing starts at $49 per month

Visit there website


generate articles is a top AI content writer assistant. Create a new blog post with the best content ever created. You can write about any topic, and Outranking will create an engaging piece of text that outperforms whatever you have written yourself in over 99% of all cases.

Outranking is mainly used by marketing agencies to improve their clients’ search engine ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

It is hard to believe, but a lot of companies are still using human-based content writing services. This isn’t very effective because it takes a long time and costs money. Outranking uses AI assistants for this process instead – they produce the best possible texts within minutes or even seconds! It’s going to be tough finding competition against that.

-> Pricing starts at $49 per month (has a free trial)

Visit there website



ai article generators

One of the greatest benefits of using AI content writers is that they can produce large amounts of high-quality content in short periods. This allows you to achieve your goals much more quickly than if you were relying on human labor for this task.

When it comes down to deciding which type of writer would be best suited for your business, remember these important points:

  • How long do you need the content?
  • What does the copy need to accomplish or how will it fit into your overall marketing strategy?
  • Do any legal constraints exist (such as copyrights)?
  • Is there anything sensitive within the text like health information or trade secrets?
  • Will someone else be reviewing and approving all work before publishing online?

Keeping these questions in mind will help you make the best decision for your business. Choosing the right writer can be tough, but it’s worth researching to find what would work best for you and your company.

How did you like this article? 

I am asking how you liked this article because 90% of it was generated with Jarvis, optimized with SurferSEO and grammar checked with Grammarly. I wanted you to see firsthand the power these have and how they can help you write better content, faster!

For this article, I reached a total SEO score of 88, I generally am okay with anything over 85 but the higher your score the better chances you have to rank well online.

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