Trends That Will Shape Sustainability In The Business World

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What are the 6 trends that will shape sustainability in the future? Sustainability has been coined in 1990 by the UNESCO as a universal concept. It basically pertains to the human use of the environment and the importance of individual accountability for our world.

Trends That Will Shape Sustainability

More, the need for global change and the fight against environmental degradation have been highlighted by the public. This realization has spurred an increase in research and development for environmental sustainability, and consequently, several sustainability trends have emerged over the past few years.

One of the first eight trends that will shape sustainability in the future is the shift from traditional to sustainable business. The need for this sort of business has grown tremendously. With the breakdown in manufacturing, services and employment, traditional businesses have been forced to downsize and streamline their operations to remain competitive. Some companies have chosen to outsource their waste and energy reduction to third world countries, further reducing their impact on the environment. Others have moved into green building and renovation, reusing materials and reducing the need for brand new construction.

Another trend is toward eco-tourism. International tourism is enjoying a boost in popularity, due to the rising concern over global warming and the depletion of the planet’s natural resources. In response, more tourists are traveling to eco-friendly countries. Some of these tourists are making the switch not only to experience a greener experience but also to help sponsor green ventures in the local culture and economy.

A third sustainability trend is the increasing focus on community involvement and active citizenry. Our governments have been focusing on getting their citizens involved with their economic wellbeing. From taxes to voter initiatives to larger community organizations, people are taking their influence literally to the community level. From simple backyard grass cutting to actively supporting neighborhood sustainability programs, people are showing a renewed interest in their impact on the world around them. This includes their buying habits and attitudes toward environmental responsibility.

The fourth sustainability trend is innovation and change. Businesses are starting to take their research and development budget in-house or have it dedicated entirely to sustainability initiatives. This allows them to deliver cutting edge products and solutions to pressing sustainability issues while also staying ahead of the competition. In other words, by staying ahead of the game businesses are able to deliver technology and innovations to the market that their competitors cannot. Companies that are able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions are rewarded with improved profits and shareholder equity.

The fifth sustainability trend is the gradual movement toward unified strategies and goals. No longer are companies playing catch up to each other on an individual basis. In fact, companies are seeing an unprecedented unity across their board of directors and even within their own company walls. This unity provides a powerful sense of direction and stability for businesses moving forward.

The sixth sustainability trend is resilience and the ability to adapt. In the aftermath of natural disasters and major shifts in global markets businesses need to be resilient in the face of changing market conditions. Adaptability is essential in maintaining profitability and preventing financial loss. By being flexible businesses can continue to operate in difficult times and prevent the onset of large-scale losses. Staying ahead of the curve and being flexible is an ongoing challenge faced by many businesses.

One of the most important aspects of sustainable business is knowing what to focus on. If you’re looking for a glimpse of what will shape the future of your business you should consider observing your industry trends. What businesses are taking advantage of new trends and what are they doing to stay ahead of the curve? What are the sustainability trends shaping your business? The answers to these questions will determine the course of your own sustainability efforts.

Jason Ellis

Jason Ellis

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