Unleash the Power of Social Proof: Making Marketing Strategies More Effective

Social Proof Examples

Social proof is the idea that consumers will adopt behaviors according to what other people are doing. What this means for marketers and entrepreneurs, is that social proof can be used as a strategic marketing tool! In this article, we’ll explore three types of social proof- implicit, explicit, and perceived- and provide you with examples of how each type has been effectively used by businesses in the past.

What is Social Proof?

As the name implies, social proof is a mental shortcut that people use to determine what behavior or action they should take. It’s a phenomenon where consumers will adopt behaviors according to what other people are doing. When we see an overflowing restaurant with customers waiting in line for lunch, it signals that this place serves good food and has great service!

On the flip side of this coin, when there isn’t another customer insight at an empty fast food joint on Broadway near your office afternoon hour rush hour traffic has died down, you might want to reconsider eating there. What type of social proof can be used as a marketing tool?

We’ll explore three types: implicit (when others act like you’re supposed to), explicit (when others tell you what to do), and perceived (when consumers see your product as a status symbol).

Which types of social proof work best?

Three different categories can be used strategically: implicit, explicit, and perceived. What’s the difference? Let’s take a look!

Implicit Social Proof is when others act like you’re supposed to. This type signals quality and creates trust between the consumer and the brand or business because it feels familiar.

For example, if people in line at Starbucks have their maps out on their phones while chatting with other customers about where they should go next, this shows that Starbucks has excellent customer service because it allows them to plan ahead for future journeys before leaving the store.

What does this mean for marketers?

Implicit social proof is a great way to engage consumers and build trust. It’s an especially good tool if you want your customers to feel like they’re part of the in-crowd or belong because others are doing it too. When people see that others act appropriately, they will do so as well!

Implicit social proof can be used by all types of brands; from automotive companies with interactive marketing campaigns on YouTube to clothing lines that feature models wearing their products in ads (yes, even Old Navy!).

If you have an established brand with loyal followers who take pride in being part of the “in” crowd, implicit social proof is perfect for engaging them further and building loyalty among new customers.

Explicit Social Proof is when others tell you what to do or how they feel about a certain product, which creates credibility for the business and helps consumers make decisions quickly without doing any research on their own.

For example, if people are tweeting from an event that they’re attending sponsored by your company thanking them for providing such delicious food and drinks, it’s giving potential customers confidence in choosing your brand over other companies because of all these positive reviews! What type of social proof can be used as a marketing tool?

Examples of social proof

Expert's Stamp of Approval

Expert opinion for social branding is very important. It ultimately decides on the purchase decision of a prospect. Expert’s stamp of approval is seen as an endorsement which gives people more confidence to make that purchase decision. Expert’s stamps of approval certify products and brands through trusted sources (experts).

They have been known to be proven buyers and wield considerable influence over their following. Expert opinion for social branding also carries weight in determining the trustworthiness and reliability of a brand/product or messaging strategy, according to new research from Nielsen.

Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity Endorsement is a major factor influencing the consumer buying decision and purchase intention. Celebrity endorsement plays an important role in initiating customer relationships by attracting customers to become committed product users.

Celebrity endorsements can influence consumer behavior indirectly, either through changing brand preference or increasing product attractiveness.

User Testimonials

Testimonial pages can be listed on a variety of other websites including but not limited to: Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, etc… Testimonial pages often include comments left by customers of a product and service, Testimonial pages can be created from within Facebook, YouTube, or Blogger.

Testimonial posts on social media sites often include a brief description of the customers who have given their Testimonials. Testimonials are often used to illustrate positive comments about a company’s products or services.

Testimonials are also widely used in Social Branding campaigns to help promote products with testimonial quotes or Testimonial reviews.

Business Credentials

Business credentials are a major factor for Business. Business needs credibility to lead over their competitors efficiently. Business Credentials can be obtained by pursuing business degrees, diplomas, licenses, etc., Business Credential Education makes businesses credible and increases the sales potential of Business organizations.

Businesses need to obtain a business credential such as Diploma or Degree from Reputed Institutes which offers degree or diploma with valuable Knowledge content for Business students… Knowing about Business Credentials will help you understand how really important it is for your profession.

Social Media Shares

Social Media Shares for social branding are very important. Social media has become one of the most powerful tools in establishing and developing relations with a target market. Social media allows businesses to build brands as well as promote their products or services by using various digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Social shares are seen more than any other time in the Social Media world and Social branding is more important than ever before. Social Platforms today appreciate Social sharing among users, which in turn creates an even better user experience.

Social networks provide access to a pool of consumers that can connect with your brand without having your product on them at that moment, giving you extra exposure and awareness just by being associated with it through shares.

Influencer Recommendations

Influencer shares are a powerful way to build your brand. Influencers are the new celebrities, and there’s no better form of PR for brands than social media influencers making posts or mentions about your business. Influencers have millions of followers and make millions of dollars as pitchmen and women for brands.


Social proof is a psychological phenomenon in which humans are motivated to follow the actions of others. A noticeable example of social proof comes from an experiment where researchers invited people up for coffee and then observed what happened when they offered different types of beverages: -when given two cups, one full and another empty, over 80% picked the cup with something in it; but when there was only one cup left on the table, that percentage dropped to around 40%.

Social media has made this tendency more prevalent than ever before. For marketers, understanding how these principles work can be important for deciding which type of content to share as well as fine-tuning your strategies for targeting customers who may not be ready to convert just yet.

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