What Is Organic Growth In Business?

What Is Organic Growth

When a business grows organically, it uses its resources and assets to expand, as opposed to using mergers and acquisitions or other takeovers. A focus on organic growth is valued by many executives and investors as it shows a long-term, solid commitment to building the company. This kind of growth may also be negative, as it can mean that the company is in fact contracting. Investors look at organic growth numbers to see if a company is increasing sales and revenue and also to evaluate if these increases are sustainable over the long term. Organic growth shows how well the management of a company is employing internal resources to improve sales and output.

Mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers can provide an artificial boost to a company’s sales and revenue figures, this could cloud the image of the way a company is controlling your stresses its resources. By focusing on organic growth, executives and investors can see exactly how a company is meeting its goals by its internal means. Many executives prefer to grow their businesses organically because of the complexity and organizational problems that are the result of mergers and acquisitions. One major problem is the effect of merging two company’s workforces, which may frequently result in culture clashes and morale problems. Employees may resist changes in the chain of command or workflow processes, leading to a high turnover.

Organic growth allows the business to avoid these workforce issues entirely. Organic growth allows company executives to set and achieve corporate goals in whichever way they choose. Combining two companies frequently comes along with the burden of sharing management responsibilities with executives from both firms, this could have an impact on the entire strategic outlook of the new company. A merger pursued as a way to achieve particular goals can wind up changing those goals completely. Executives stay in full control of the business, when it’s growing organically, and may steer the company in a specific direction to achieve its objectives.

Investors love organic growth, not just as it shows management’s effective resources use and commitment to the company, but additionally because it can make analyzing the business a whole lot simpler. While looking at a company’s financials, it’s significant to note if sales and revenue figures have been inflated due to the latest acquisitions. Frequently, investors will strip out all non-organic growth from a company’s financials, showing the true growth potential of the core company. The less a company depends on mergers and acquisitions, the less work an analyst has to do to obtain at this core figure. Growing a company organically takes a huge commitment of resources and time. 

Equipment must be obtained, employees hired and trained and sales conduits established. Frequently, companies use mergers and acquisitions to acquire a fully developed business unit and avoid reinventing the wheel. Organic growth puts all the company risk directly on the core company, as opposed to a company that acquires a brand new unit, sharing the risk between the main company and the new addition.



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