What is Telemarketing and How Can It Help Grow Your Business

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First let me say, I know most of you reading this do not like to do telemarketing yourselves! I get that, but you don’t have to be the one doing it, some services can provide telemarketing for you which I will share later in this post.

That being said, if you are doing telemarketing for your business then you are probably losing out on great opportunities.

Telemarketing is a type of marketing technique that involves contacting potential and current customers by phone, as opposed to face-to-face or via other direct contacts. It often includes establishing relationships with those who have shown an interest in what the company has to offer, as well as identifying what their needs are.

Telemarketers can provide information about products and services to generate leads for salespeople, answer questions from prospective clients, conduct market research, make appointments for demonstrations or consultations, take orders for goods and services over the phone.

What is a telemarketer?

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A telemarketer is someone who will make sales calls or cold calls to potential customers on behalf of a business. Telemarketers are generally very skilled salespeople who can work from a script and get prospects interested in their products or services.

Telemarketing is very similar to sales, but telemarketers are usually calling people that they don’t know. If you hire an inbound sales team, then your company will benefit from having salespeople who can talk with customers over the phone and sound professional. It’s also beneficial to have callers who understand how to work a script and get salespeople to close sales.

The telemarketing process involves scheduling appointments with customers, following up after the sales call to make sure that they are satisfied, and continuing to sell them over time. Many companies hire telemarketers who can work from a script to follow the same sales pitch every single day. This way, salespeople can focus on closing deals and growing their business.

How well is the telemarketing industry doing?

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The popularity of telemarketing has been on a constant rise since telemarketing became popular in the late 1940’s. Many telemarketing companies offer telemarketing services, but the telemarketing industry is currently at an all-time low.

Many telemarketers are not working or have found other jobs due to mass layoffs and changes in technology that have caused many telemarketing companies to close their doors for good.

However, there are still telemarketing businesses out there who believe they can make telemarketing a thriving industry once again. Telemarketing has been able to help many businesses in the past and can continue to do so if companies invest in telemarketing services today.

How effective is telemarketing?

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While many companies have turned away from cold calls it remains an effective way to drum up business, especially if you have a target audience that is receptive to telemarketing.

Telemarketing can even help increase your brand awareness and show people just how easy it is to do business with you. It’s also a way to get in touch with prospects who may not be aware of the benefits they can receive from you.

Making phone calls directly to your target audience is a great way to speak directly to the right person and the telemarketing services that we offer can help you do just that.

Telephone marketing is a great way to reach out and touch someone, but if your telemarketers don’t have the skills it will be difficult for them to get in front of qualified leads who may buy from your business.

If they aren’t trained telemarketers may act in an unprofessional manner.

Telemarketing campaigns must be handled by professionals who can handle your campaign to ensure it meets all of your expectations and provides the highest return on investment possible when making unsolicited calls.

Is telemarketing for you?

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Many people find telemarketing an easy job but sometimes it is tough to be a competitive job in itself. Not everyone is ready to become a good telemarketer so there must be something innate about it. The ability to listen and express information can be learned and improve over time.

You have to be the type of person who is always looking for things to learn from colleagues, prospects, bosses, etc. You should be a high-motivated person who can work enthusiastically on his/her own. You need motivators to contact as many people as possible with the aim of sounding fresh and constructive every time.

Telemarketing legislation

The law on telemarketing and cold calling is not simple. At the telemarketing laws, many telemarketers do not know what telemarketing means and how to make cold calls without breaking telemarketing rules or violating telemarketer laws.

The law on direct marketing is even more complex because it involves several different areas. The Telecommunications Act regulates most cold calls. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulates telemarketing and telemarketers who make calls to any residential landline or wireless number, including mobile phones, cellphones, pagers, and other wireless devices.

The TCPA imposes restrictions on telemarketers related to:

  • when they can call;
  • what they can say on the phone; and
  • when is it legal for automatic telephone calls

Telemarketing laws also regulate telemarketers who make calls to any business number. Business numbers are considered nonresidential lines, so cold calling rules do not apply. However, some states have their own “Do Not Call” list with all telemarketers who violate telemarketing laws should be added to the list.

The telemarketing rules also apply if telemarketers do not call but send emails or direct mail marketing campaigns… The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) monitors cold calling and marketing for compliance with federal regulations, including those of the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) and the Do Not Call Registry.

The telemarketing rules are very strict because they regulate telemarketers who call to sell goods or services without prior written agreement with a consumer, including:

  • telemarketer calls made outside of business hours;
  • callers that use automatic dialers or computerized prerecorded cold call messages;
  • telemarketers who mislead or deceive consumers into buying products and services that they do not need, want, or cannot use.

During cold calls, telemarketers must follow the rules of telemarketing laws:

  • if a consumer asks to be placed on an entity’s “Do Not Call” list, telemarketers must stop calling if the consumer’s number is on the list;
  • a cold call cannot be made to consumers who are not home at their expected time of cold calls;
  • telemarketers should provide certain information during a cold call, including *telephone number and address where quick reference is available for the telemarketer to use during cold calls;
  • telemarketers should not make misleading statements or promises of a future offer. If there is no intent to sell at that time, telemarketers must disclose this fact.

It is also important for telemarketing representatives to be aware of calling rules because the company could get in trouble if there are violations during cold calls. If a telemarketer violates telemarketing laws, the company could be fined and telemarketers could face jail time.

Should you try automated telephone calls?

While we don’t recommend automated cold calling they have become fairly popular for some companies. They are not for everyone, but if you can use them to your advantage then they might be worth it. Using an automated cold call is very easy and once set up properly will start calling people on your list right away.

However, this is the very definition of intrusive telemarketing, people already do not care for unsolicited sales calls, they will not be as receptive as they are too experienced telemarketers calling them.

Automated calls can work well for keeping in contact with existing customers or follow-up calls, but again we don’t recommend it. People don’t want to talk with a robot, potential customers want to talk to a real person who can answer questions on a service or particular product.

Best practices for a telemarketing call

Telemarking is a proactive marketing strategy that can work well if done correctly, below are some best practices.

  1. Avoid making automated cold calls.
  2. Don’t call during dinner time or late at night, people are more likely to ignore the phone when they’re out with family and friends.
  3. If you do need to make an automated call be sure there’s a way for the recipient to get off your list so future calls can be avoided if they don’t want to hear from you.
  4. Don’t make misleading or false statements about a product, service, or company during a cold call. People will not be receptive to this type of behavior and it can lead to fines for your business if anything is said that would go against the FTC rules regarding telemarketing laws.
  5. Keep records of your telemarketing calls, including time and date stamps. If you are making automated calls be sure to keep a record for both parties’ consent in case they need the information later on if there is ever an investigation into your company or business practices.
  6. Always disclose who you are when calling someone new during their first call with you, many people are leery of cold calls and may hang up if they don’t know who you are.
  7. Treat everyone with respect, even if their number is on your “Do Not Call” list or they do not want to receive a call from you at that time.
  8. Be professional and courteous whenever possible during every call.
  9. Be truthful with what you are selling, if there is nothing for sale at the time of your call be sure to let them know that up front.

Should you outsource your cold calling?

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Outsourcing you telemarketing or cold calling can simplify your business because you don’t have to deal with all the distractions.

If your employees are currently doing these tasks then they can focus on their main work instead of taking away from it by having to do other things as well. You will also be able to expand and grow faster if you hire an outside telemarketing team.

You will be able to grow your business faster than you would if you didn’t outsource. This is because they can get access to things that are hard for the average person, like cold calling lists and other data. They also have more time in their day so they can focus on core business functions instead of doing all of the work themselves.

Using a company like MySource Solutions who has a great track record and a proven telemarketing team can be one of the best decisions you make for your business. They offer services like personalized lead generation and appointment setting to help you grow faster than ever before with little risk or effort on your part.


Telemarketing is a way to connect with customers and prospects who may not have the time or inclination to come into your brick-and-mortar store. In addition, cold calling can help grow your business by getting more phone calls from potential clients who want information about what you offer.

If you’re looking for ways to increase sales without having to hire new staff members, outsourcing your telemarketing might be a solution worth considering. Contact us today if this sounds like something that would benefit you!

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